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Rabu, Oktober 10, 2012

Review Hotel K

“Welcome to Hotel Kerobokan, or Hotel K, Bali’s most notorious jail. Its wall touch paradise; sparkling oceans, surf beaches and palm trees on one side, while on the other it’s a dark, bizarre and truly frightening underworld of sex, drugs, violence and squalor” - Hotel K by Kathryn Bonella.

First time write in English. I’m takes around 6 months to finish this non-fiction/true crime book. It makes me more careful if plan to go to Bali. Yes, definitely we (me and friends) are not traffickers or drugs dealers but if someone (trafficker) desperate and put those smacks inside our bags when they got chance, we are doom! I can’t imagine myself live in Hotel K even for a day.

Hotel K’s filthy and disease ridden cells have been home to the infamous and the tragic; Balinese King, Gordon Ramsay’s brother, Muslim terror bomber (Amrozi, Imam Samudra), beautiful tourists and surfers from across the globe. Petty thieves share cells with killers, rapists and gangsters. Hardened drug traffickers sleep alongside unlucky tourists, who have seen their holiday turn from paradise to hell over one ecstacy pill.

#1 Emmanuel, with only four hundred grams, he got death sentence
#2 Scott, 25 also death row inmate for being trafficker
#3 Amrozi, muslim terror bomber

#4 One of the cell s in Block W - Woman block
#5 Prisoner inmate enjoys freedom for a day with the police, pretending to take him to clinic
#6 Brazilian Ruggiero enjoying a break from Hotel K
#7 Terrorist Imam Samudra yelled out from his cell window

Hotel K is the shocking inside story of the jail an its inmates, revealing the wild “sex night” organized by corrupt guards for the prisoners who have cash to pay, the jail’s ecstacy factory, the killings made to look like suicides, the days out at the beach, the escapes and the corruption that means anything is for sale including a fully catered Italian jail wedding or a luxury cell upgrade with a Bose sound system. It’s totally different with ours in Malaysia.

Single picture : Notorious cell tikus
Up : Each cell has only one hole in the ground toilet for all inmates to share
below : Prisoner is cooking dinner in makeshift kitchen, beside the toilet

#8 Italian inmate wedding, Juri with his wife Ade
#9 Ronnie Ramsay, brother of mega rich chef, Gordon Ramsay
#10 Schapelle, has mentally breakdown bcoz she is lock up for the crime she didn't commit
#11 "Playboy" of the woman block
#12 Death row inmates team up to play a tennis tournament
The truth about the dark heart of Bali explodes with this book. So, be careful when you go to Bali.

*Sorry for the quality of those pictures. Don't have a scanner :)

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